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-Judith Jonas, Director
The American Institute for Sensory Ladder Education (AISLE) passes along multisensory knowledge to dissolve learning barriers. This technique is designed to include both mental health concepts and academic strategies. This multisensory approach helps the brain to organize information for more efficient recall.

-Kristy Pontet-Stroop, Executive Director
Alliance For Youth
connects community resources and provide opportunities for families, children and teens in order to advance healthy youth development. Their activities include the Circle of Security Parenting and Nurturing Parenting services. As part of their community service, they sponsor the SAPA Congressional Report and the Prevention of Child Abuse and Neglect.

Kari Hoover, Program Director
Benchmark Human Services serves the youngest among us.
The biggest developmental impacts happen before age three when our brains are supercharged to learn and grow. That’s why Benchmark Human Services is involved in all aspects of care for the youngest among us. Early Intervention services help babies and toddlers with disabilities or delays learn new skills that typically develop during the first three years of life including physical, cognitive, social/emotional, and communication skills.

-Michael Eustance, Manager
Benefis Pediatrics is committed to providing high-quality, family-centered care. Their pediatric outpatient medical professionals are available to care for your child at every stage of development, from birth to 18 years of age. When your child needs care, the medical professionals with Benefis Pediatrics are with you at every stage of development.

-Krystal Tweet, RN, Nurse Coordinator
Benefis Pediatric Specialty Clinic provides specialized care. Physicians, respiratory therapists, speech therapists, and nutritionists provide each child with a comprehensive evaluation, while staying in contact with your child’s primary care provider to ensure coordinated care and follow-up. This allows children to be cared for close to home and reduces the cost and strain associated with traveling long distances for care.  

Big Sky Therapeutic Services, PLLC
-Brett E. Gilleo, Director
Big Sky Therapeutic Services provides in-home, community and office based services for families, individuals and children with various mental health and behavioral challenges. Extensive experience working with individuals that have an Autism Spectrum Disorder or a mental health or behavioral disorder. Services include Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA), parent education and support and mental and behavioral health services. 

-Cyndie Einan Administrative Assistant/Outreach Coordinator for the Family Health Services at the City-County Health Department
The City-County Health Department offers many free services, such as Circle of Security parenting classes, Parents as Teachers, Montana Asthma Project, Buckl-Up, Safecare, Foster Care and First Year’s Initiative.  

-Katrin Finch, Director
There are over 7,000 grandparents raising grandchildren in the state of Montana. The Grandparents Raising Grandchildren Project with MSU Extension focuses on grandparent well-being, providing research-based resources and support to manage the physical and emotional stress of kinship caregiving.  A local support group in Cascade County meets once a month at the MSU Cascade County Extension office. For more details please contact Katrin Finch at 406-454-6980 or email at Katrin.finch@montana.edu

-Dusti Zimmer, Assistant Director of Family and Youth Services
Center for Mental Health partners with people and communities to produce exceptional, integrated mental health and substance abuse services. Services include Comprehensive School & Community Treatment (CSCT), Youth Case Management and more.

-Deb Sivumaki, Director
Eagle Mount-Great Falls provides adaptive recreational activities for children and adults with disabilities. Our programs consists of horsemanship, skiing, sled hockey, climbing, Tippy Toes (creative movement for infant/toddlers),  summer activities, and much more. Please check our web site for all the details on our activities, including our Thunder Soccer Fall Camp.

-Kim Hawn, Executive Director
Family Connections believes every child deserves a successful future! Our vision is to create communities where children have the resources and opportunities to succeed and pursue their dreams. Family Connections supports families, children, child care providers, and the community with early childhood care and education resources. 

-Nicole White, MS, RN, CPNP
The Great Falls Clinic offers the finest and most accessible pediatric care in North Central Montana. Our Pediatric Department provides a myriad of services covering everything from checkups and immunizations to developmental disorders, speech therapy, psychiatry, and chronic illness management . We have two convenient locations, our main campus and Northwest clinic sites. 

-Karla Seaman, Director
Opportunities Incorporated, Inc. is a Community Action Agency dedicated to helping individuals in need.  Community Action Changes people’s lives, embodies the spirit of hope, improves communities, and makes America a better place to live.  We care about the entire community and we are dedicated to helping people help themselves and each other.  Our focus areas include:  Education – Housing – Supportive Services – Energy Services. 

-Kristen McGuire, Executive Director
Peace Place provides FREE, licensed respite care for children with special needs, and supports parents and caregivers. We serve ages 0 – 5 in the mornings, and 6 – 10 in the afternoons, with occasional evenings. Call 406-590-4925 or visit our website at www.peaceplacegf.com for more details.

-Rebecca Richards, Contact
PLUK is a network of 50,000 families of children with disabilities and special health care needs in Montana. We serve as Montana’s Parent Training and Information Center, the Family to Family Health Information and Education Center, and the Family Voices state affiliate. Anyone (family, friends, and professionals) may phone toll free to 800-222-7585, 24 hours a day, seven days a week for free support, information, and referral.

YPEC logo
-Diedra Haffner or Shandy Petersen, Contacts
Young Parents Education Center  provides pregnant and parenting teens/young adults with individual confidential support, child care during school hours, hands-on parenting education, and prenatal and child development education. Additionally, we provide family support services such as assistance with paperwork, parenting plans, emancipation, finding housing, job readiness, and more.​ Our state licensed daycare facility is located in Paris Education Center but we are separate from Great Falls Public Schools. We are a non-profit that has been providing services to the community for over 40 years. 

-Melanie Lauer or Sandi Hursh, Contacts
Quality Life Concepts is a non-profit corporation that is dedicated to providing, specialized waiver and autism  services and supports to children  with special needs and their families within their home and community. We provide autism services to children of all ages. Autism services are an allowable expense for many insurance providers and private pay services are also available.